More on Compressed Air Leaks…

Thanks to an informative business meeting earlier this week in Barrie, ON; LCA will be offering Ultrasonic Leak detection services to our customers. Thanks to Iain, Biren and Steven for the eye opening information and showing me just HOW much money we can potentially save our customers.  In some of their recent case studies they were able to shut off 2 of 3 compressors for their customers!  Absolutely mind blowing!!

Iain posted recently on Linkedin and I will share here on our blog:

I’m very frank in my discussions with customers.  I have little understanding (and tolerance) for accepting leaks as a cost of doing business. As a former accountant, it boggles my mind that leaks exist on the scale they do.

Folks, compressed air is bloody expensive!  You wouldn’t tolerate $2,000 worth of parts disappearing from your warehouse every month.  You wouldn’t pay employees for 40 hours not worked.

Train someone on your maintenance staff to manage the leaks.  They don’t go away.  For every 3 repaired, another is formed.  Leak
management is proactive and no different than payroll management or inventory management.

Guess what is #1 on the Top 10 Air Audit Recommendations?


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