HDI Series 5 to 30 HP Reciprocating Air Compressors

Heavy Duty Industrial Series Pressure-Lubricated, Cast-Iron Construction with Slow RPM


  • Rugged & Reliable
    Ideal for Demanding Industrial Environments
  • Heavily-Weighted, Cast-Iron Pumps
    Provides 75-80% Duty-Cycle Operation
  • Slow Compressor Pump RPM
    Long-Lasting Operation
  • Deep-Finned Cast-Iron Intercooler
    Enhances Heat Dissipation
  • 7 Year Limited Warranty
    Rugged Construction & Long Life


The Air-Cooled, Pressure-Lubricated, Reciprocating Heavy Duty Industrial Series is Engineered to Provide a Heavy-Duty, Durable and Dependable Air Compressor Built to Withstand the Most Demanding Industrial Environments.

Available in both Simplex & Duplex Configurations, The HDI Series 5HP to 30HP is equipped with 2-Stage, 2-Cylinder (247) or 4-Cylinder (447) Cast-Iron Compressor Pumps Powered By High-Efficiency North American Made Open Drip Proof (ODP) Motors, Providing Reliable, High Duty-Cycle Operation.

The Heavily Weighted Cast Iron Pumps and Low RPM enhance heat dissipation and enable up to a 75-80% duty cycle. DV’s proprietary pressure lubrication process ensures oil is delivered to journal bearings and all necessary components, minimizing oil carry-over and friction.

The moving components of these pumps are machined, honed, balanced and assembled in Canada. Rugged construction and long life allows DV Systems to confidently offer an unprecedented 7 Year Warranty for the HDI Series. 

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