OIL-X Evolution Compressed Air Filters

For Pressures Up to 20 Bar G

High Efficiency coalescing and dust removal filters for the removal of water and oil aerosols, atmospheric dirt and solid particules, rust, pipe scale and micro-organisms from compressed air.

The Parker domnick hunter OIL-X EVOLUTION high efficiency compressed ari filter range includes coalescing air filter range includes coalescing filter grades (AO & AA) for the removal of water and oil aerosols, solid particulates and micro-organisms and dust filter grades (AR & ARR) for the removal of dry particulate and micro-organisms.  The die-cast compressed air filters have been designed to meet the air quality requirements of all editions of ISO8573-1, and are validated in accordance with the requirements of ISO12500-1.

The filter housing incorporate a number a number of patented design features to minimise differential pressure.  The OIL-X EVOLUTION range provides a filter housing and element combination where the differential pressure starts low and stays low to maximise energy savings without compromising air quality, resulting in the lowest lifetime costs of any compressed air filter on the market.  Grade AR and AAR dust removal filters are fitted with manual drains.


10 year housing guarantee

Deep pleated filtration media

Specialist media treatment

Compact and lightweight

Full corrosion protection

Choice of drains


Low Lifetime Cost

Highest air quality

Lowest power consumption

Lowest operational differential pressure

Lowest CO2 emissions



Oil X Evolution Product Range

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