ProDry ASD Refrigerated Air Dryer

Standard Temperature Air Dryer


  • Energy-Efficient Variable-Speed Fan
    Aligns energy-use with air demand
  • Two-Way Heat-Exchanger
    Improves Efficiency & Energy Savings
  • LCD Microprocessor Controller
    Maintains stable dew-point
  • High-Efficiency, Stainless-Steel Moisture Separator
    Extremely low pressure drop & smooth operation
  • Patented Refrigerant Circuit Design
    Adjusts cooling capacity to air volume & temperature

ProDry ASD Refrigerated Standard Air Dryers range from 10 to 500 SCFM and are microprocessor controlled, ensuring a stable dew-point temperature.

All ProDry ASD Air Dryers are equipped with a 2-stage heat-exchanger, improving efficiency and energy savings, and include a high-efficiency condensate separator and large surface-area refrigerant condenser.

ProDry™ ASD Air Dryers are equipped with an automatic electronic drain.   To download the product brochure click here, asd2016