ProDry™ HTD High Inlet Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryer

High Temperature Air Dryer



  • Energy-Efficient Variable-Speed Fan
    Aligns Energy-Use with Air Demand
  • Two-Way Heat-Exchanger
    Improves Efficiency & Energy Savings
  • LCD Microprocessor Controller
    Maintains Stable Dew-Point
  • High-Efficiency, Stainless-Steel Moisture Seperator
    Extremely Low Pressure Drop & Smooth Operation
  • Patented Refrigerant Circuit Design
    Adjusts Cooling Capacity to Air Volume & Temperature


The Refrigerated, High Temperature Air Dryers range from 18 to 52 SCFM and are designed to handle air-inlet temperatures up to 180° F. The digital control panel allows for control and modification of many operating parameters to ensure optimum performance.

These units are specifically designed for use with 5-25 HP reciprocating (piston) compressors.  To download the product brochure for the HTD dryers click here; htd2016